Francis Peprah, known by his rap moniker 2pm, was tragically reported deceased several weeks back following a car accident in his hometown of Wassa.

Renowned as the "King of Bars," 2pm gained widespread recognition on platforms like TikTok for his sharp and witty freestyle rap. Despite his burgeoning success, his life was cut short at the tender age of 22.

Initially, reports pointed to a fatal motor accident as the cause of his untimely passing. However, a recent audio revelation has shed new light on the circumstances surrounding his demise.

According to the disclosed audio, 2pm and his companions visited a local eatery to grab a meal. Upon purchasing their food, they requested to occupy a table already in use by another patron, despite other unoccupied seats being available.

When the man at the table refused to vacate his seat, tensions escalated, resulting in 2pm and his friends assaulting him, inflicting serious injuries.

In a moment of anger, the unidentified man uttered a chilling statement, warning that if these youths were to live to see the following three weeks, they should find and mock him.

Tragically, 2pm's life came to an abrupt end during the second week following this altercation, aligning eerily with the man's foreboding words. This audio revelation has sparked speculation and raised inquiries regarding the potential influence of the spiritual realm, with many attributing the unidentified man's curse to the rapper's unexpected demise.

Watch the video below