Man returns from jail only to find his wife heavily pregnant with another man

 The joy of walking to freedom after serving a jail sentence quickly turned into heartbreak for a 49-year old man of Kalomo District in Southern Zambia who returned home only to find his wife heavily pregnant for another man.

While Njamba Musokotwane was sweating to cultivate government land and plant state cabbages as a convict, a free man on the outside was also mercilessly ploughing his 32-year old fertile wife Nitah Phiri in whom he repeatedly deposited his “seed”.

As the reformed Musokotwane returned home in Germany Township to continue the marriage from where he left off, shock overtook him when he was welcomed by his wife with gigantic protruding belly as if she was carrying triplets.

The situation immediately put the marriage on the rocks as it became clear Musokotwane couldn’t have been responsible for the baby baking in the wife’s stomach.

But to save her marriage, Nitah resorted to an unsafe abortion method which saw her prematurely extract the baby under formation and threw it in a sewage pond

According to neighbours as reported by the Zambia Daily Mail, Nitah is said to have wrapped the foetus in a chitenge material which she threw in Germany Township sewage pods around 21:00 hours last Thursday.

But like the adage states ” Nothing is hidden under the sun,” someone saw her in the act and reported the matter to police.

The whistle-blower reported that the suspect was married to Musokotwane, who had just come out of serving a jail sentence at Kalomo

Correctional Facility.

“When he was released from prison,

he discovered that his wife was heavily pregnant for another named David Phiri of Malaa Extension in Livingstone,” Daka said.

“That resulted in serious conflicts between the couple, which compelled. The suspect got some herbs from her friend known as Masambo of Matondo Village in Siachitema chiefdom and she used the same to terminate the pregnancy.”

It is reported that after the act, Nitah started boasting about how she had solved the problem, a situation which forced members of the comunity to report her to police.

She later confessed to police after she was apprehended.

The police in collaboration with Kalomo Town Council retrieved the fetus on Monday and took it to Kalomo Urban Clinic awaiting post-mortem examination that will include extraction of samples from it and the suspect for DNA examination.

Rita is still in police custody while authorities search for her friend Masambo for administering abortion herbs.