Sidechick Deborah Seyram drags her sugar daddy to court once again for properties

 In a sensational twist of events, the legal drama surrounding popular Ghanaian slay queen Deborah Adablah and her sugar daddy, Ernest Nimako, has taken another turn as she returns to court to dispute the ownership of a Honda Civic car.

The car, a symbol of their past relationship, has become the centre of a legal battle between the two individuals once again.

The saga began when Mr Nimako demanded back the Honda Civic he bought for Deborah Adablah after their relationship ended.

Initially, Deborah had the belief that the car was hers, but unfortunately, it was never officially registered in her name.

The court, in a previous ruling, ordered Deborah to surrender the vehicle to Mr. Nimako, emphasizing that it was not her property.

Undeterred by the setback, Deborah Adablah has returned to the courtroom, determined to establish her claim to the Honda Civic.

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The latest court case is specifically focused on determining the ownership of the car, adding another layer to the already complex legal entanglement.

Throughout the legal proceedings, Deborah Adablah has consistently asserted that Mr. Nimako had promised the car to her, and therefore, it should rightfully be hers.

Her unwavering belief in the verbal agreement has prompted her to seek a judgment in her favour, challenging the previous ruling that favoured the sugar daddy.

A video circulating on social media captures Deborah Adablah’s return to court, confirming the commencement of another legal battle.

Despite the prior court order to relinquish the car, Deborah continued to drive it to court sessions until the authorities intervened.

The ongoing legal dispute between Deborah Adablah and Ernest Nimako over the ownership of the Honda Civic car continues to captivate the public’s attention.

Only time will tell how this latest chapter in the saga will unfold and whether Deborah Adablah will emerge victorious in her quest to claim the disputed vehicle.