Stonebwoy Makes a Grand Entrance at Akwaaba Village

Ghanaian reggae-dancehall singer, Stonebwoy, popularly known for his sensational music and as the originator of Afro Dancehall, led his team to support Afua Asantewaa in her Guinness World Record Singathon challenge at Akwaaba Village.

His presence confirms that the top three musicians in the country, with a massive fan base, have shown love and support for Afua Asantewaa.

According to, Afua Asantewaa has unofficially broken the record set by Sunil Waghmare at 105 hours in 2012. However, she is poised to do even better and hit the mark of 120th hour.

It is worth noting that Afua began the challenge on Christmas Eve, December 24th. This was first reported by and she will likely complete it on December 28th or 29th of 2023.

She has performed more than 1000 songs and has made her presence known across all social media platforms. Thousands of supporters flocked to the location day and night to show their love for her.

Check out the video of Stonebwoy below.