Veteran Ghanaian Kumawood actor has, at last, acknowledged who the children from his split relationship are.

The multiple award-winning actor claims that he treated his ex-girlfriend with love during their pregnancy, but that just four months after she gave birth, rumours about who was the child's father started to circulate.

During an Okukuseku programme interview, Salinko described how he got a call from an unidentified guy accusing him of robbing his lover and kid.

He continued by saying that he had to ask his ex-girlfriend to leave his house right away so he could go back to Kumasi and take care of the matter. 

However, he was surprised to note that the unknown man accusing him of snatching his lover and child was a popular Kumawood actor as well.

The investigation by Salinko brought to light that she was dating both Salinko and the other guy at the same time.

Although Salinko has ended things with the woman, he’s still taking care of their baby whom he believes he’s not the father of, while hoping for a DNA test in the future.