A video circulating on social media has ignited a heated debate.

he moment thieves were forced to dance after being caught

The video captures the moment three notorious thieves were forced to dance following their apprehension.

The footage, which has garnered significant attention shows the alleged thieves displaying various dance steps as punishment or humiliation.

Trending video shows the moment thieves were forced to dance after being caught

In the video, a group of individuals believed to be the apprehenders can be seen forcing the thieves to dance.

The alleged perpetrators reluctantly showcased different dance moves, creating a spectacle that has divided viewers on the appropriateness of such actions.

The video has prompted diverse reactions across social media platforms, with users expressing various opinions.

Some have argued that forced dancing serves as a form of humiliation and public shaming, while others view it as a creative way to hold alleged criminals accountable for their actions.

Watch video below: