You did not bath for five days because of a useless record

 Controversial Blakk Rasta, a frustrated musician and host of a radio show in Ghana, has voiced his dissatisfaction with Afua Asantewaa's singathon.

He questioned why a mother of three would pick a route that would not pay off financially but require her to forgo five days' worth of sleep and personal hygiene.

Blakk Rasta wondered, too, why Afua would subject her elder brother to the same nightmares, given that he had been there for her from the start.

Blakk Rasta was mostly concerned about Afua's choice to forgo bathing for the duration of the effort to break the record.

Not only did Blakk Rasta think that sleep deprivation was needless, but he also wondered why Afua would put her mind, body, and soul through this kind of stress.