Ohemaa Woyeje recently expressed her anger on social media and directed curses towards trolls who had offended her.

The famed and outspoken Ghanaian radio personality warned those who were criticizing her online that they would have children with imbecilities.

The exact cause of this altercation is unknown, but it is speculated that Ohemaa’s recent post about Nana Ama Mcbrown may have sparked the conflict with some internet users.

In her post, Ohemaa showed sympathy towards McBrown and encouraged her to stay strong, acknowledging that the journey of marriage is not an easy one.

This post created a frenzy online, as it hinted at the possibility of Nana Ama McBrown’s marriage facing difficulties and being on the verge of collapse.

Ohemaa did nothing wrong in this situation, except for offering advice to McBrown not to give up on her marriage. Therefore, it is perplexing why a group of people chose to insult her.

Refusing to be defeated, Ohemaa retaliated by stating that anyone who insulted her would undoubtedly have a child with intellectual disabilities.

What did Ohemaa Woyeje tell Mcbrown?

Despite Nana Ama Mcbrown’s efforts to hide her matrimonial wahala, there is still sufficient evidence suggesting that her marriage is not doing well at all.

Media personality Ohemaa Woyeje recently shared a message that subtly indicates that McBrown’s marriage is at its lowest point.