Berla Mundi, a well-known TV presenter from Ghana, enlightened the internet with her seductive honeymoon photos, which have become popular on social media.

Remember that Berla Mundi got married to the Brabex group's operations manager and heir just a few days ago?

It was a strictly "no phones allowed" affair.

In true Ghanaian fashion, a few individuals succeeded in getting their phones inside, and ultimately some pictures and videos from the nuptials surfaced online to corroborate the widely circulated rumours.

Berla Mundi has been quiet on social media since the wonderful wedding ceremony and Thanksgiving service since she has been enjoying her wedding.

To reassure her social media in-laws that everything is well between her and her spouse, she did, however, post some pictures and videos of herself online when friends arrived to pick her up while she was on her honeymoon.

After a while of quiet, Berla Mundi decided to use a cute photo and videos of herself to announce to the world that she is now Mrs. Tabi. She even went so far as to use the hashtag "Mrs. T" in one of her postings.

View the image below: