Afua Asantewaa has put out an amusing twist on her bid to set a Guinness World Record (GWR) sing-a-thon, saying that her rejection could be the result of her crush on Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene.

Afua Asantewaa is awaiting confirmation from GWR regarding her effort to set a record for the longest singing.

Asantewaa recently made a cheerful speech on HITZ FM in which she revealed her hidden suspicion of Kuami Eugene's possible disqualification and made a hilarious connection between the two.

She claims to be Kuame Eugene's biggest fan, thus having him save the day for her during her effort at a sing-a-thon made her happy, even though it caused her to forget his words.

“I said that guy came and I could not remember my lyrics. I said ‘This guy has worried me.’ If Guinness people don’t give me the record, it’s Kuami Eugene,” she told the host, IB.

She went on to add that her husband knows Kuami Eugene is her crush.

“My husband knows. So when he got there I said ‘Kuami you have worried me. You shouldn’t have come. I sang ‘Asuoden’ and you know his rap comes after. As I stood there, I did everything I couldn’t remember,” she further noted.