Ghanaian influencer and critic Bongo Ideas has stated the reason why Stonebwoy is the new NPP artist replacing rapper Sarkodie.

Read what he said below;

“Stonebwoy is the new ‘NPP artist” replacing Sarkodie

– 2018, invited to the Jubilee House

– Appointed as a Member of the Internal Entertainment board

– Performs at exclusive parties of NPP bigwigs

– Receives all entertainment gigs from the state

– 2018-2023: Reportedly paid GHC1.5M for govt-sponsored shows

– Has a diplomatic passport & travels usually state-sponsored e.g AFCON 2023

– Currently the darling boy of the Ministry & Presidency, reason Efya dems not booked

– He even defended Meek Mill shooting video in Jubilee House

Stonebwoy is the truest definition of political hypocrisy; he has been bought and paid for by the govt!”