Failatu Abdul-Razak, a renowned Ghanaian chef who is seeking to break a Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon, is believed to be revising her plans as she sets her sights on three other records.

Chef Faila began her challenge on Monday, January 1, 2023, with the goal of breaking Ireland's Alan Fisher's Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon, which he currently holds with 119 hours and 57 minutes of cooking.

Chef Faila attempts to cook for 200 hours.

According to new information emerging online, the Tamale-based lady is contemplating the 120 hours she had scheduled.

According to Gifty Anti, an experienced media personality, information she has received indicates that Chef Faila would attempt to cook for 200 hours.

Gifty Anti announced on her Instagram page that Chef Faila will not only aim to break the longest hours for cooking record, but will also strive to break three other records.

Three records Chef Faila is preparing to smash her Guinness World Record attempt.

• 1. Chef Faila is keeping an eye on the amount of meals cooked in the time period given to them.

2. The number of persons who have been fed.

• 3. The food's appearance.