A level 300 university student has taken to live radio to demand the repayment of over Ghc 2000 from his ex-girlfriend, whom he claims exploited him for financial and material gains.

The young man, employed at Vodafone GH Adum branch, alleges that his ex-girlfriend, who works at the same telecommunications firm, entered into the relationship with the sole intention of capitalizing on his ability to provide and shower her with love.

During an appearance on SOMPA, the young guy aired his grievances and demanded the repayment of over Ghc 2000 from his ex-girlfriend.

The student, who works at Vodafone GH Adum branch, claims that the relationship turned sour after the lady got what she wanted from him.

According to the student, they met at their workplace and started dating.

Fufuo Ghc 20, Ghc 45 daily chop money - GH guy demands all the money he has spent on his girlfriend after break up

However, as the relationship progressed, his ex-girlfriend started making financial demands.

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From sending money to her unemployed father to fulfilling various requests, such as pomade, slippers, drugs, and uniforms, the student claims he went above and beyond to meet her expectations.

The breaking point came when the ex-girlfriend, after a period of financial assistance and material provisions, declared that she was no longer interested in continuing the relationship.

Feeling betrayed and deceived, the young man decided to take matters into his own hands by seeking redress on live radio.

During the radio program, the student detailed the financial assistance he provided, including a daily allowance of Ghc 45 for 30 days.

Fueled by a sense of betrayal and a desire for reimbursement, he is now demanding the repayment of over Ghc 2000 spent during their relationship.

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