Prophet Oja dropped another intriguing Prophecy ahead of Ghana’s game against Mozambique.

Before the game, the self-proclaimed man of God predicted that despite Ghana scoring many goals against Mozambique, the Blackstars would still not qualify for the next stage of the competition.

Woy3 odiii - Ghanaians praise Prophet Oja as his deep prophecy about Jordan Ayew comes to pass - Video

In the self-made video from the camp of the controversial man of God that has taken over social media trends once again, he bragged that he has the correct scoreline and is willing to give it to people who privately contact him.

As emphasised by Prophet Oja, Ghana won’t win the 2023 AFCON or qualify from the group stages according to what he has seen in the spiritual realms.

In the latter part of the video, Prophet Oja categorically stated that he wouldn’t allow the negative words and insults from his critics to deter him from telling the world what he has seen in the spiritual realms.