Guide to evidence

This document contains all the important information needed to prepare you on the road to gathering and submitting your evidence.

It includes information regarding witnesses, timekeepers, stewards and the use of log books. It also has guidance for producing better video and photographic evidence.

Cover letter template

A cover letter is required for ALL records. This is your opportunity to provide Guinness World Records with a clear overview of your record attempt.

It’s a final summary before submitting your evidence, as it will provide a road map for our records management team when evaluating the accompanying evidence.

Witness Statement

Every record attempt requires a minimum of two witnesses. Witnesses must complete this statement.

Just this morning, it has been reported that Afua Asantewaa has allegedly passed the fourth stage of the verification process which is the TIME KEEPER STATEMENT TEMPLATE.

Timekeeper statement template

Records involving timeframes or based on speed will require timekeepers to be present. Timekeepers must complete these statements.

Ghanaians are all over the world keenly following the processes with the hope that Afua Asantewaa will be declared the new singathon champion by unseating India’s Sunil Waghmare who set a 105-hour mark way back in 2012.