The alleged lady in the viral kiss-a-thon video Clara has spoken for the first time and according to her, she’s not the one featured in the GWR marathon.

Earlier yesterday, Ghanaian entrepreneur Isaac Kwame Love set his sights on making history by attempting a 1-hour Kiss-a-thon, aiming to break the current Guinness World Record for the longest continuous kissing session.

The existing record, held by the current holder at 6 minutes, is now in the crosshairs of Love as he’s currently on the quest into this unique challenge.

Love’s ambitious Kiss-a-thon is a captivating and unconventional attempt that aims to showcase endurance, love, and the spirit of pushing boundaries.

The Guinness World Record attempt is likely to capture the interest of the public, both locally and internationally, as observers await the outcome of Love’s Kiss-a-thon.

Social media is expected to play a significant role in amplifying the event, with audiences sharing their thoughts, reactions, and encouragement for the Ghanaian entrepreneur.