After Mr. Logic posted several dirty secrets on the internet a few hours ago, the relationship between Shatta Wale and him has descended into a bloodbath.

The self-proclaimed African dancehall king, Shatta Wale, and Mr. Logic got into a dispute this new year when he suggested on Facebook that Mr. Logi, Bulldog, Andy Dosty, Akwasi Aboagye, and some other entertainment analysts should be blacklisted.

Mr Logic also retaliated against Shatta Wale on social media after Shatta's attack.

Later, Shatta Wale mocked Mr Logic for constantly pleading with him for money by going live on Facebook.

In response to Shatta Wale's most recent attack, Mr Logic claimed that Shatta Wale once had anal sex with Moesha during a live TikTok session with his fans on the video-sharing website.

Mr Logic claimed in the shocking footage that another woman was licking Shatta Wale's anus as he was having anal sex with Moesha.

In the live stream, Mr. Logic was quite clear that Shatta Wale gave him this information in code.

Remember how Shatta Wale was allegedly dating Moesha in secret at some point in 2019?

The allegations arose after Shatta Wale spent a great deal of time on social media defending Moesha Boduong following the disclosure of personal information about her by a well-known Snapchat user.

Almost every single allegation that was levelled against Moesha Boduong the Dancehall King came to rescue her with his version of the truth.

Watch the video below to know more…