Ghanaian media personality and mental health advocate Abena Korkor has addressed speculations surrounding her personal life, firmly rejecting any suggestions that she is a husband snatcher.

In a recent interview, Korkor emphasized her preference for companionship and described herself as a fun-loving individual who engages with handsome men without seeking to disrupt existing relationships.

During the candid interview, Korkor expressed her disinterest in snatching anyone’s husband, emphasizing that she values companionship and enjoys having fun with men she meets.

She portrayed herself as a beautiful woman who attracts attention from handsome men, asserting that her interactions with them are purely for enjoyment and carry no strings attached.

The conversation delved into various aspects of Korkor’s life, including the recent circulation of ‘naughty’ videos on social media.

In response, Korkor explained that the videos were originally on her phone and were released by someone who gained access to the device during a period when she temporarily lost it.

The media personality’s firm stance on her approach to relationships and her commitment to living a fun-filled life without harmful intentions adds another layer to the ongoing discussions surrounding her public image.

According to her, she sleeps with married men just for fun and nothing more.

As controversies arise, Abena Korkor’s openness in addressing the speculations offers fans and the public a glimpse into her perspective.

The rejection of the ‘husband snatcher’ label and the emphasis on enjoying life without malice contribute to a nuanced understanding of the influencer’s values and intentions.