The founder and leader of International God’s Way Church Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim after years of bragging about possessing spiritual powers has finally confessed that he has nothing.

It would be remembered that Angel Obinim as he is popularly known in a viral video claimed to have turned into a snake to bite some people for going and speaking against him.

He said: “When I enter the spiritual realm and I am hanging in the air with Jesus beside me, Ghana looks very smallish like a handkerchief. I can turn into a snake and bite you. Someone came for a consultation and I told I would visit him with my father Jesus.

“When we were going, I turned into a dog and Jesus transformed into a lion. The person was beating me with a stick and the dog told him it was Obinim and he stopped. Right after that, I turned into a human and Jesus also transformed into his human nature.”

In a new twist to the above-mentioned comments, Obinim has opened up on it stating that he has never turned into any of the things he said.

According to him, he didn’t know what came over him for him to make such a statement in the public domain which went viral.

“I was saying a lot of things that were beyond me. People are asking me to turn into a snake or a tiger. How can I do that? Am I a vampire or an animal? How can someone who has a human body with a wife and children do this? I was saying all sorts of things, don’t make fun of this, I am serious,” he said while speaking in a TikTok live session addressing issues concerning his ministry.