The Kumawood actress Mercy Asiedu has shot a new video of herself to deny the circulating reports that she passed away too soon.

Mercy Asiedu speaks for the first time as rumours about her death 

The actress, who is well-known for her outstanding roles in Ghanaian cinema, addressed the false reports spreading about her death openly in the video.

Speaking confidently, Mercy Asiedu firmly refuted any claims of illness or demise, setting the record straight.

The actress assured her admirers that she is in excellent health and spirits from her current home in the United States.

Mercy Aseidu said;

“To all Ghanaians and my fans worldwide, l am not dead. As you can see, I am alive and kicking. God has blessed me with strength.

I am not ever ill. I haven’t been ill. There have been rumours out there that I am dead. Bloggers on YouTube are parading lies. Parading falsehood that someone is dead is extremely outrageous”

“Everyone will eventually die but it shouldn’t be the case that you insist that someone has died when you don’t have the facts.

They’re saying I am in the UK but I am in the US. They are scheming spiritually to kill me, hence the false narrative or maybe, it’s their mother’s they intend to kill.”

Watch the video below to know more…