After reporting on the now trending Kiss-A-Thon attempt by Isaac Kwame Love, cybernauts have taken up the responsibility to unmask the lady behind the mask.

Kwame Love made headlines when he started his Guinness World Record for the longest kissing marathon and many people asked why the lady was in a mask. Who is she? Why is she under a mask?

A Facebook user named Nana Kofi Okraku took it upon himself to unravel the mystery lady and share her alleged photos.

According to him, the lady goes by the Facebook name, Clara Queen Atswei Okpoti and it was the birthmark on your lips that gave her out.

Conversations with the said lady have brought out another twist where she claims she’s not the one in the said video as she was seen during that exact time at Eric Toscar’s walk around the black star square.

As of the time this was published, Clare has deactivated her Facebook account.

Check out the photos below