Berla Mundi 

TV3 presenter Berlinda Addardey, often known as Berla Mundi, has formally tied the knot with a handsome young guy, marking the beginning of a happy new chapter in her life.

Today's "No Phones Allowed" marriage ceremony took place. The families of both couples were present at the celebration, and several well-known journalists attended in style.

Berla Mundi ultimately marries in a covert ceremony; her husband's identity is revealed +TV3 & Giovanni confirm

Obtaining pictures from the ceremony has proven challenging due to the strict policy prohibiting sharing images or recordings taken on the premises.

The scarcity of visual documentation from the ground has only heightened the intrigue surrounding the private ceremony.

However, TV3’s social media platforms have extended their congratulations to Berla Mundi, acknowledging her new marital journey and wishing her the best in her new home.

As the well-wishes pour in, details about Berla Mundi’s union have begun to surface. She has been revealed to have tied the knot with David Tabi, a gentleman associated with an affluent Ghanaian family engaged in the mining industry.

This insight into the groom’s background adds an interesting dimension to the union, hinting at the diverse paths that love can traverse.

More information soon………. Stay Tuned.