Afua Asantewaa, a Ghanaian budding journalist by profession and an avid event organizer took over the Ghanaian social media space from the 24th of December when she attempted to break the Guinness world record for the longest singing marathon by an individual.

The record which is officially held by Sunil Waghmare for over a decade was unofficially broken by Afua Asantewaa when she performed for over 126 hours.

As she and Ghanaians await the official confirmation from Guinness World Record, we at took it up ourselves to delve into her performance and checkout some records has has also set and those that she has already broken and we found 6 of those.

Below are the 6 records Afua Asantewaa has already set and broken with her Guinness World Records Singathon attempt;

1. First African to attempt Guinness World Records for Longest Singing Marathon by an individual

2. First Female Ghanaian to perform continuously for 5 days

3. First Ghanaian and African female info to sing and perform 120 songs

4. First unprofessional musician to perform continuously for five days

5. First female Ghanaian to perform strictly Ghanaian songs for 5 days

6. First African female/individual to perform for 5 days