Mcbrown in tears days after Maxwell was seen chilling with Serwaa Prikles

Only a few days after her husband was spotted having fun with Serwaa Prikles, his alleged side chick, Ghanaian actress Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown has returned to the spotlight.

Maxwell Mensah was spotted hanging out with Serwaa Prikles at Res Cafe in East Legon in a video that became popular online a few days ago.

Maxwell Mensah and Mcbrown have formally split up, as indicated by social media users who saw the video, which is why he bravely hung out with Serwaa Prikles in public.

Because, as everyone knows, if a married man has yet to nearly divorce his wife, he won't have the courage to hang out with his pinned side lady in such a well-known setting.

In the middle of the divorce rumours being revived, a fresh video of Nana Ama Mcbrown crying on ONUA TV has gone viral.

Mcbrown said that 2023 was a difficult year for her.

She revealed that she had experienced the worst life could offer, but she maintained her privacy, much like a lone wolf.

She gave thanks to God for keeping her safe despite the difficulties.

Mcbrown disclosed these details while performing with Piesie Esther.

Many have speculated that Mcbrown wept and grieved 2023 on purpose because Serwaa Prikles meddled with her opined that Mcbrown purposely cried and lamented about 2023 because Serwaa Prikles interfered in her marriage.

Watch the video below to know more…