The sudden passing of Dr Grace Boadu, a famous herbal medicine practitioner, has sent shockwaves across Ghana.

The sad news of her demise landed on the internet late last Monday.

According to confirmed reports, Dr Grace slipped and fell while bathing and consequently lost her life in the process.

Following the news of her untimely demise, questions and concerns have been raised about her husband and kids.

While some social media users have submitted that she was a married woman with kids, others have also insisted otherwise.

Amidst this debate, her family has cleared the air on both her marital status and parenthood during an exclusive interview with Poleeno Multimedia.

Touching on the private life of Dr Boadu, her uncle indicated that she was not married and had children, adding that she was still preparing to marry and start a family.

“The family is very hurt that she left no child behind,” her grieving uncle shared.

According to her uncle, Dr. Boadu dedicated her life’s work to healing others, frequently putting their needs before her own.

Her sudden death at a relatively young age has left a void in the lives of family members who hoped to see her realise dreams of marriage and motherhood.