Controversial Ghanaian abraod-based TikToker, Gloria, has taken to the internet to curse her mother and also rain heavy insults on her.

In a worrying video that has taken over social media trends, Gloria accused her mother of being the cause of her abnormal behaviour.

As alleged by Gloria, her mother’s decision to abandon the traditional practice of worshipping her stool gods is the root cause of her psychological struggles.

In the video, she claimed that her mother’s brothers convinced her to forsake the stool gods in favour of embracing Christianity, particularly following Jesus Christ.

According to Gloria, this shift in spiritual allegiance is responsible for her and her siblings’ psychological and mental challenges.

During her infamous rant, Gloria wished death upon her mother and all the ills from the depths of Hell.

Speaking with immense pain and bitterness, Gloria also asserted that she no longer considers Afi as her mother and has officially cancelled her from her life.

Watch the video below to know more…