A young Ghanaian lady named Anastasia has been exposed for duping Accra guys with an old scam that has been on the internet for ages.

As reported, Anastasia first sends pictures of her melons to her male victims – Who immediately fall in love with her raw body and then pursue her to visit them.

Once she realises that her male victims are interested in her, she then tells them to send her money for hair and transport so that she can visit them and gives the a wonderful bedroom ride.

After receiving the money, Anastasia blocks them and also refuses to send back the money she took from them for her hair and transport.

This information was revealed on Twitter by a user with the handle name @al_varo777.

And according to him, more than 6 guys he knows have fallen victim to Anastasia’s scam.

The comments under the now-viral tweet also suggest that aside from the 6 guys @al_varo777 knows, other men have also suffered the same fate.

Approximately, more than 70 guys have been duped by con woman Anastasia.

The Twitter users who shared pictures of Anastasia on the microblogging platform attached the details below to them…

This girl is deceiving boys in Accra. When she adds you on snap, she’ll send you to streak you her bræst photos, and then when you text her, she’ll suggest meeting up. However, she’ll claim she hasn’t done her hair and other things, asking you to send her money for it.

Once you send her the money, she won’t show up. The next day, she’ll send videos claiming that she was attacked by boys who took her phone and purse, with blood all over her body. I know six boys who fell for her scheme, and there are likely others too.