Prophet Oja who took over social media trends the whole of last week over his failed prophecy about Mohammed Kudus has spoken once again about the senior national team.

Ghana is set to play its last Group B game against Mozambique at 8 pm today and according to Prophet Oja, he has watched the game twice in the spiritual realms.

Speaking to his congregation last Sunday, Prophet Oja claimed that he knows the outcome of the game because he has already watched it.

Putting his church members in deep suspense, the man of God teased them that he wanted to drop the correct scoreline.

This new braggadocious talk from Prophet Oja has landed him in another troll pit.

According to most social media users, if Prophet Oja had watched the match twice in the spiritual realms as he claims, he wouldn’t have asked about the country Ghana would be playing against.

Oppong Andy for Instance on TikTok commented – Ask Obinim what happened to him ofui

TheyCallMee Ben JiLo??? – Match that you’ve watched already, you now asking who Ghana is playing against, next joke, please

Miraj Superior – I blame the members sitting there

@collinskwesiarthur1 – U hav watch the ball two times and u re asking Which team is Ghana playing with ..offuiii

Shedy Auggust ? – TikTok is better than Dstv

IslandEdwards – So you watched the match twice and you don’t know the country we are playing against ??

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