Funny Face and Adebayor are noted to be very good friends with a relationship spanning close to a decade.
But recall that in October 2021, the comedian went live on social media to insult Fadda Dickson, Bola Ray and his very good friend Adebayor who had shown him so much love until he decided to attack him unprovoked.

Funny Face’s distasteful utterances on Adebayor forced him to distance himself from the comedian.

Fast forward to an interview on TV3 in March 2023, Funny Face disclosed that he has made conscious efforts to win his friend back.

He said ; “They know the real me and they know what I was going through wasn’t me. So when I came back, I had to apologise to him and he was okay.”

Funny Face revealed it was not easy, but kind courtesy to his manager, who put in a word or two for him, Adebayor accepted his apology and they have remained friends.

Additionally, he said that he was not afraid of losing his close friends because they understood his situation and the toll mental stress can have on its victims.

During his episode, the actor said he was not conscious of his actions and he was in a state of confusion and frustration.

In this article we are going to look at the tall list of all the expensive properties Adebayor dashed Funny Face before his infamous attacks on him leading to their fallout.

In 2012, Adebayor kickstarted the gifting tradition by presenting Funny Face with a customised Range Rover, setting the stage for a series of remarkable gifts that would follow in the subsequent years.

The football star’s generosity reached new heights in 2020 when he gifted Funny Face a $80,000 Porsche Panamera, showcasing the depth of their enduring friendship.

Continuing the trend, Adebayor surprised Funny Face with an $18,000 Hyundai car later that same year, adding to the comedian’s growing collection of high-end vehicles.

The gifts did not stop there; in 2021, Adebayor went a step further by presenting Funny Face with a third car, a Jeep Wrangler, marking another chapter in their extraordinary friendship.

What makes these gifts even more noteworthy is the fact that Adebayor reportedly handed Funny Face blank cheques on multiple occasions, allowing the comedian to fulfil his wishes and aspirations.

Additionally, the footballer has been known to provide Funny Face with free shopping vouchers as part of the comedian’s birthday celebrations.