Ghanaian musician, Opanka took to his Facebook wall on Saturday, January 27, 2024, to share a deeply personal and heart-wrenching message.

In his post, Opanka revealed the devastating news of the loss of his beloved sister during childbirth.

Expressing raw emotions of grief and disbelief, Opanka articulated the profound impact of his sister’s passing on his life, describing her as not only his sibling but also his unwavering support system.

In the post, he also questioned the fairness of the world where life can be both fragile and fleeting, where the joy of childbirth can be overshadowed by the tragedy of loss.

Opanka further paid homage to his sister’s memory, expressing his enduring love and admiration for her.

Read his full post below:

“I just lost my lovely sister n my support system through childbirth n I’ve been broken to a point I haven’t felt before in the past days. I can’t say it is well nor I’m okay cos honestly it is not well and I’m not okay. Started 2024 with full vim but 1st month isn’t even over n I’ve been shattered into pieces due to this bad news. How can 1 die when bringing another life into the world, so many “WHY” n questions I don’t understand. The fact that you can be here with each other and next minute you’re gone really makes this world SCARY. The thought of never seeing my sister ever again keeps breaking my heart n I’m still in DENIAL. May God keep you safe wherever you are and pardon all your sins. I LOVE YOU MAMA 😭😭😭💔💔💔 Regina Affum”