A popular female TikToker from Kenya has tragically passed away days after giving birth, following a prediction by one of her TikTok followers.

The deceased named Jaber Nyar Onagi, received a comment from a follower that read, “I promise you that you will never make it to the final labour room.”

The comment is seen as a curse by some, and it is unclear what led to the antagonistic statement from the follower.

The incident has raised questions about the responsibility of social media users and the impact of their words.

Jaber Nyar Onagi was a TikTok user who shared her pregnancy journey with her followers until she gave birth and unexpected death.

Watch the video below to know more…

Netizens reactions…

@Kylen – This is why we must try to conceal our private lives from social media as much as possible. This is heartbreaking. May she rest in the bossier of Jehovah?

@Ewuraa Posh – God have mercy and protect us from evil eyes and devilish hearts. May they go blind and their hearts stop beating. So sad

Beauty addicts Gh – Eish! Did she offend the person in any way??Or was she pregnant with the person’s man?

Yaw_ba_Yaa – Hmmmmm hope the person gets a trophy ? now. May she rest well