The sudden passing of Dr. Grace Boadu from Grace Gift Herbal Clinic has sent shockwaves throughout the Ghanaian community.

Her demise, occurring in the fresh month of January 2024, has caught everyone off guard.

The unexpected news of her death has left many in disbelief, considering her lifelong dedication to saving lives and homes.

Despite her expertise and experience in healing others, Dr. Boadu found herself in a tragic battle for her own life, ultimately succumbing to the icy hands of death.

Ghanaians have taken to various social media platforms to express their sympathies for the grieving family, reflecting the impact Dr Boadu had on the lives of many.

Although she appeared full of life to the outside world, the revelation that she was silently grappling with personal challenges during her solitary moments has added a layer of complexity to the mourning.

As the news broke, questions arose regarding the cause of her untimely death. Insider information has unveiled that Dr. Grace Boadu had been allegedly secretly battling an illness for over a year.

Despite her prolonged struggle and hopes for recovery, she unfortunately did not emerge victorious in her quest for better health.

The revelation of her silent battle has added a sombre note to the reflections on her life and legacy.

More details soon………….