Actress Nana Ama McBrown of Ghana and her spouse Maxwell Mensah are the subject of yet another unconfirmed rumour of marital strife.

Although McBrown has repeatedly denied that there are problems in their union, there have been spreading allegations on the internet recently that suggest there may have been a slap and physical conflict.

The unsubstantiated claims claim that Maxwell Mensah moved out of their house after he allegedly received a slap from Nana Ama McBrown.

The pair got into a furious argument, with Maxwell's suspected adultery being the reason behind the brawl.

The reports further claim that Maxwell did not only pack his belongings but also responded with physical aggression towards Nana Ama McBrown before leaving.

As alleged in the viral rumour, Maxwell has always complained about how Mcbtown treats him like a child.

The rumours have gained momentum with speculation about Maxwell’s newfound romantic involvement with someone identified as Serwaa Prikels.

While these allegations have not been officially confirmed, they have sparked conversations and speculations about the dynamics of celebrity relationships and the challenges of navigating private matters in the public eye.

Meanwhile, Ohemaa Woyeje has also taken to the internet to stand in solidarity with Mcbrown amidst the divorce and slap reports.

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