Berla Mundi is about thirty-five years old, having been born on April 1st, 1988.

She is a voice actor, media personality, radio host, and supporter of women's rights. She is a dynamic individual who has become a global brand and one of the top women in Ghanaian media.

She has been promoting herself as a young leader for a long time and has grown interested in youth advocacy and sustainable development initiatives.

The TV host has gained recognition as a powerful person in the media throughout the years by doing her job with professionalism and effort.

She walked down the aisle yesterday beside Mr. Tabi, a Ghanaian business magnate and the Barbex Group's heir.

Apparently, no phones were allowed into the wedding premises.

NCell phones are not permitted. The couple asks that guests put away their phones, cameras, and other electronics so they can fully enjoy the moment during their unplugged wedding ceremony.

Even though cell phones were prohibited, a collection of images and videos has made its way online, casting doubt on Mr. Tabi's age given that Berla is nearly thirty-five.

Although Mr Tabi's actual birthdate is unknown, it appears from his photos that he is in his 30s, similar to Berla.

Since most people disapprove of older ladies marrying younger men, as is common knowledge, the controversy surrounding Mr Tabi's age has been a hot topic of discussion on the local internet scene.

At the moment, we can’t tell whether Mr David Tabi is truly younger than Berla as some netizens have pointed out or not but we’ll try our best to dig deep to bring you the exclusives from this ongoing debate on social media.