Agradaa And Asiamah Seen In A Video Counting Money Made From Their Church

Once again, Nana Agradaa and her husband Sofo Asiamha have been in the headlines because they were caught on camera counting the money that members of the church gave them on December 31st watch night.

As seen in the video, Sofo Asiamah was counting a large sum of money that belonged to Heaven's Way Gospel International Church's offertory members.

With a joyful and content expression, he unfolded some of the broken money and asked for a money-counting machine to speed up the process of counting it.

You can hear Nana Agradaa, who was filming the entire event, supporting her husband in the background.

According to a set of social media users, Agradaa and her hubby are scammers who are into the gospel ministry because of the monies they would be able to extort from their members and not to win souls for Christ.

Blood Kontomire on Instagram for instance commented – New Range Rover loading

@Jsemavor – Cash out season

@Kojo Key – So is this even necessary??

Watch the video below to know more :