In reaction to the backlash Maame Yeboah Asiedu faced on the internet for divorcing her husband and marrying another guy soon after, Nana Agradaa was shown in a video disclosing intimate details about the reasons for the public figure's unhappy marriage.

Nana Agradaa, who also came under fire for getting married so soon after her divorce, disclosed the causes of Maame's miserable marriage.

Maame was compelled to file for divorce due to her ex-husband's repeatedly widespread adultery, according to Nana Agradaa.

She denied claims made by online users that her husband's divorce was caused by Maame Yeboah Asiedu. She made it clear that she was compelled to leave him because she could not stand his constant infidelity, therefore the man, not her, was the one who ended the marriage.

Agradaa claims that after having an affair, Maame Yeboah Asiedu's ex-husband can be heard on an audio recording sobbing uncontrollably and appealing for her forgiveness.

She also gave advice to males, telling them not to cheat on their partners because it can ruin their unions.

“If you listen to the leaked audio, the way the man is crying and begging Maame Yeboah Asiedu, you can tell he has regretted his actions but it’s too late. This should tell Ghanaian men that if they are married, they shouldn’t allow adultery to ruin, it if not, they’ll cry for five years and it won’t be resolved. In one of the leaked audios, he [Maame Yeboah Asiedu’s ex-husband] said he had no relationship with the lady but he just had sex with her, are you not ashamed of yourself?

“It’s about time Ghanaian men control their sexual desires and flee from adultery. No married woman would be happy if her husband cheated on her. Have you seen that upon all the cheating he is now crying and asking for forgiveness but someone has already won her heart? Maame Yeboah Asiedu will forever remain a woman of God because she preaches the word,” she said in a video as shared below: