This morning, social media platforms have been set ablaze following the virality of a video featuring Abena Korkor and Duncan Williams’ son, Papa Shilo.

The video has since created a storm of speculation and discussions among netizens.

The video captures the two in what some describe as a compromising position, fueling a range of interpretations and conjectures.

In the viral video, Abena Korkor and Papa Shilo are seen engaged in what appears to be a friendly interaction, exchanging pleasantries.

However, Ghanaians on social media have been quick to deduce various meanings from the seemingly harmless encounter, with many suggesting that the two might be secretly dating.

The interpretation of the video has sparked a lively debate, with some individuals insisting that it was just a casual meet-up, while others are convinced that there might be more to their relationship.

The speculation surrounding Abena Korkor and Papa Shilo has led to a variety of opinions, as social media users weigh in on the nature of their connection.

Given Abena Korkor’s track record with relationships, some netizens have gone a step further, predicting that a bedroom video involving the two might surface soon.

The video has become a hot topic of discussion, with critics and supporters alike sharing their thoughts on the unexpected pairing and what it could mean for both individuals involved.

Watch it below…