Loud entertainment show pundit, the controversial Sally Mann has touched on the issue of Funny Face and has got the internet talking.

Sally scolded the popular comic actor and told him to find work done he’s fortunately not a cripple and hence should stop seeking to get public sympathy.

“He needs help in what sense? Is he a cripple? Can’t he go and find work to do? Or he cannot work because he is a celebrity?

He should knock on people's doors to help him instead of going on social media to beg for money,” she said.

On the same show on Adom TV, Sally Mann suggested that instead of Funny Face going on social media to apologize to the people he sinned against.

“People like Bola Ray, Fada Dickson, and I mean those he insulted, including our Maame Yeboah Asiedu. I don’t like apologies that will come out”, she said.