A set of wedding photos featuring a young Ghanaian man marrying an over-60-year-old woman has elicited strong reactions from online users.

The images, which portray the groom in neatly dressed white African attire holding tightly to his older bride, have fueled discussions about age differences in relationships and stirred debates on whether the union is based on love or financial considerations.

The viral wedding photos captured the union between a young Ghanaian man and an over-60-year-old woman who both looked very pleased with each other.

In the images, the groom was impeccably dressed in a white African attire and appeared very happy and affectionate and his older bride, who exuded glamour and joy on their big day.

While weddings are typically occasions for celebration, the unconventional age difference between the newlyweds has become the focal point of online discussions.

Social media users, upon coming across the photos, have expressed diverse opinions and judgments, with some offering congratulations and well-wishes, while others have severely criticized the union, suggesting that financial motive was the driving force behind the marriage.

Critics of the wedding have taken to the comments section of the circulating photos to express disdain for the groom and insinuated that the marriage was primarily motivated by monetary considerations rather than genuine affection.