Renowned Ghanaian media personality Berla Mundi and Mr. David Tabi, the heir to the Barbex Group, were united in a stunning display of love and refinement at a magnificent ceremony held in one of Accra's most exclusive neighbourhoods.

The couple prioritised intimacy and presence by enforcing a strict no-phones ban within the wedding premises, making yesterday's sumptuous and exclusive event.

Star-studded guests from a wide range of backgrounds attended Berla Mundi and Mr. David Tabi's wedding to celebrate the union of the adored media celebrity and the Barbex Group heir.

The venue's exclusivity and lavish backdrop added to the occasion's grandeur.

The wedding was strictly by invitation, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to the event.

The carefully curated guest list comprised individuals who share in the joy and celebration of Berla Mundi and Mr David Tabi’s union, creating an intimate atmosphere that was both elegant and personal.

Amidst the congrats and well wishes from Ghanaians, an old tweet criticising and humiliating Berla Mundi by Yvonne Nelson has reappeared on the internet.

Yvonne Nelson angrily retaliated on Twitter against Berla Mundi for bringing her up on live television approximately six years ago.

She contends that since Berla Mundi has been seeing a married man, she lacks the moral authority to criticise her.

Yvonne wrote; “Berla Mundi, you’ve been dating a married man and you have the guts to spread lies about me on your show with your clueless guests….do some research, go on@myeyeswide and find out since it’s your job to discuss rumors and people. You claimed you are all about empowerment….,, “

Despite the old tweet regaining notoriety on social media once again following Berla’s big day, her fans have taken it upon themselves to energetically defend her.