Ghanaian tiktoker based in the United States of America, Frafrahemaa, has slammed Ghanaian pastor Kingsley Gyamfi, also known as Prophet Bible Nokwafo aka Dr Grace Boadu’s boyfriend before she died.

Frafrahemaa has reacted with anger to an interview by Bible Nokwafo in which he all but buried his relationship with Dr Boadu and declared he was going back to his lawfully wedded wife, just days after the doctor had died.

Dr Boadu was dating the man of God before her death, despite the fact that he was married.

Since she died, there has been lots of schools of thoughts about why he has dumped her so fast and moved back to his wife.

Whilst some said he only dated Dr Boadu because of money, others also said he actually has more money than her hence did not need her money.

Frafrahemaa falls into the former camp and thoroughly dresses down the pastor with her signature hot insults.

She did not spare his wife either who watched her husband date another woman for years and now wants him back.

Watch the video below…