A Ghanaian man in his early 60s has accused Kumawood actress popularly known as Borga Sylvia of chopping his 25,000 Australian dollars with the promise of a fake marriage arrangement to aid him get his permanent stay papers in Australia but later dumping him.

As narrated by the elderly man who made an appearance on Aunty Naa’s show, he paid Borga Sylvia and her mother 25,000 Australian dollars in 2004 when he wanted to relocate his wife and kids abroad to join him.

After paying the money, he arranged a fake wedding with Borga Sylvi fake and they took pictures on the day to later present to the Australian Embassy that he’s a married man.\

With the hope that it would affirm his claim about his marital status and make the processing of his permanent stay papers quick.

After the wedding, he decided to return to Ghana to spend some months with his family since Borga Sylvia had agreed to be his legally married wife until he got his papers.

While returning to Ghana, he came alongside Borga Sylvia and just weeks after their arrival, she told him she was no longer interested in the fake marriage despite paying her the 25,000 Australian dollars.

Due to Borga Sylvia’s annulment of their marriage, he wasn’t able to travel back to Australia.

After 20 years, he’s demanding 200% interest per annum on the 25,000 Australian dollars he paid to Borga Sylvia and her mother.

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