Following the tragic death of Dr Grace Boadu of Frace Gift Herbal Clinic – Nana Agradaa aka Evangelist Mama Pat has shared a testimony of how she survived after slipping and falling inside her bathroom.

According to the founder of Heaven Way Ministries, Evangelist Patricia Asiedu, formerly known as Nana Agradaa, she suffered the same fate just like the late Grace Boadu.

While recounting the traumatic experience, Nana Agradaa detailed that she fell and collapsed while she was bathing and luckily for her – There were people around to rush her to the hospital.

Consequently, she went unconscious for 7 days but God being so great and merciful, she survived and was brought back to life.

Nana Agradaa also disclosed how her family nearly prevented her from Angel Asiamah.

As alleged by her, some of her family members tried to destroy her marriage with Angel Asiamh hence she has sacked all of them from her house.

Ending her testimony, Nana Agradaa advised unmarried successful women to be very careful about their family members because most of them are pathetic jealous lots

Watch the video below to know more…