Addi Self, a defunct member of Shatta Wale Militant’s group, has finally confessed to what caused their exit from the controversial Shatta Movement camp.

Speaking in an interview on Joy Prime, Addi Self revealed that Ghanaian rapper, Kweku Smoke caused their separation.

“We didn’t leave on good terms; we got sacked by him. Everybody in Ghana knows that it was just an indoor misunderstanding. It was a hard moment for me, being real.

But then I had to pick up the pieces and believe in myself. There was this artist that came to the camp, Kweku Smoke. He wasn’t introduced to us. I had never seen Kweku Smoke or known him”, he said.

According to Addi Self, few months after Kweku Smoke had visited them, he was seen in a live video, raining insults on the Shatta Wale over song theft.

Addi Self stated that Shatta Wale approached him to go live and also respond to Kweku Smoke for accusing him of stealing his song.

However, he advised himself not to get involved in their issue because he still did not know the purpose of the rapper’s visit.

According to Addi Self, Shatta Wale’s attitude towards them changed after he refused to go live and insult Kweku Smoke