Controversial female cleric, Evangelist Mama Pat, formerly known as Nana Agradaa, has once again caused a commotion on social media with an unexpected act during a church service. 

In a video that has gone viral, Evangelist Mama Pat is seen anointing her husband's genitals in front of the congregation. Despite claiming to have undergone a spiritual transformation, she poured anointing oil onto her hand and placed it on her husband's private parts while the congregation watched. 

This unconventional act has left many social media users shocked and disapproving of such behaviour in a religious setting. This is not the first time Evangelist Mama Pat has sparked controversy with her actions. She has previously used profane language during sermons and preaching sessions. 

The video has prompted discussions about the appropriateness of these actions in religious gatherings and the blurred lines between spirituality and sensationalism in Evangelist Mama Pat's preaching style.

Watch the video below: