Kumawood actor, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin has accused Martha Ankomah of receiving financial benefits from some prominent men in the country.

Lilwin was triggered to drop this wild allegation against Martha Ankomah after the actress allegedly declined to work with Kumawood movie directors.

As reported by Lilwin, Martha Ankomah told director Fiifi Garbin that she would never work with Kumasi movie stars because their scripts lack content and substance.

Reacting to this pinned disrespect from Martha Ankomah, Lilwin fumed that if not for the men sponsoring the actress, there’s no way she would have described the Kumawood movie industry with such derogatory words.

Stupid idiot, you're senseless, who are you - Angry Lilwin insults Martha Ankomah basa (Video)

Lilwin also called out Martha Ankomah for casting in movies that only promoted promiscuity and degeneracy.

In the explosive video, Lilwin described Martha Ankomah as a senseless upcoming actress who’s only known by people in Accra.

He ended his rants by warning Martha Ankomah and other actors and actresses to desist from speaking ill about our local movie industry.

Watch the video below to know more…