Controversial Afia Schwar has descended on the late Dr Grace Boadu of Grace Gift Herbal Clinic for scamming her innocent patients.

As alleged by Afia Schwar in a new trending video, the late Dr Grace Boadu did IVF to conceive but lied to her patients that she could help them give birth through her herbal medicine.

In the video, Afia Schwar emphatically stated the late Dr Grace Boadu was a notorious scammer who used her Grace Gift Herbal Clinic as a font to scam innocent people.

As claimed by Afia Schwar, despite using her own herbal medicine and failing on countless occasions, Dr Grace decided to go in for IVF.

Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t able to give birth through IVF also.

Afia Schwar also exposed the scam behind the late Dr Grace Boadu’s infamous ultra carbon which she claimed was able to bring a dead person back to life while she was alive.

In the middle of the self-made video, Afia Schwar categorically stated that she has audios of some of the people who fell victim to Dr Grace’s scam and will publish them on the internet in due time.

Watch the video below to know more…