Lilwin’s wife, Maame Serwaa, has finally reacted to the trending reports that a certain Kumawood actress is trying to snatch her husband from her.

Earlier yesterday, Maame Serwaa triggered reports about her divorce from Lilwin after sharing a cryptic message on TikTok.

According to Ohemaa in the TikTok video that has been trending for the pat 24 hours, she’s now a single mother who takes care of her children alone and doesn’t rely on her husband for help or support.

As stated by Ohemaa, she’s the one currently taking care of the 3 kids she shares with Lilwin.

In the caption attached to the video, Ohemaa also begged God to bless her hustle since she’s now a single mother who needs a lot of strength and grace to work daily to be able to take good care of her children.

Commentary surrounding the video also has it that Maame Serwaa was forced to make the video after finding out that her hubby is having an extramarital affair with a colleague in the movie industry

Amidst the brouhaha, Maame Serwaa has shared a new video of herself affirming the undiluted love she has for the comic actor.

According to her, no matter what happens, she’ll be by the side of her hubby from now till the end go time.

As asserted by Maame Sewaa, she’ll never allow another woman to snatch Lilwin from her.

Watch the video below to know more…