Sally Akua Amoako aka AKua GMB has finally reacted to Afia Schwar’s insults and name-calling.

At the moment, tension is brewing between the two after Afia Schwar poked her nose into an issue Akua raised about Ghana Police being used by rich men (Dr Kwaku Oteng) as debt collectors.

Amid their beef, Akua GMB has detailed why Afia Schwarzenegger’s work at Angel TV came to an end.

Wabodam, Woyare , Dr Kwaku Oteng's new wife is more classy and educated than you - Afia Schwar blasts Akua GMB (Video)

According to her, there was a time she was asked to fire Afia Schwar from Angel TV but she pleaded for her.

However, because Afia could not attract sponsors for her show, she declined to hand over Angel TV’s ‘Novel Telenovella’ to host when a call was made.

Akua said she is Afua Schwar’s madam and it will be like that until she dies.

She further stated that she does not make friends with pigs and dogs.

The former GMB queen said more in her post. Read it below.